Werner Erhard Breakthrough Racing

Excerpt above from: Creating The Rest of Your Life – Audio with Werner Erhard

“Here the creator of est and founder of The Hunger Project brings us up to date on his experience with auto racing and much more. In the process he provides many practical insights on how each of us can see ourselves and the world around us in new and different ways. Candid, revealing and brimming with Werner’s special wisdom.”

In the following excerpt from a 1979 People magazine article Erhard says “‘I wanted to organize a high-performance team that could master a complex skill in a very short time with winning results and show that everyone involved makes a big difference, from grease monkeys to spectators.’ Erhard says he considered such adventures as skydiving and karate, but rejected them as not collective enough. ‘Auto racing was perfect!’ he exclaims. ‘I didn’t know the first thing about racing. Whatever we’d achieve, we’d achieve together.’”